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Pneumonia is a type of infection affecting either one of the lungs or both. It is commonly caused by viruses, bacteria, or even fungi. A person with pneumonia is found to have inflammation in the lung’s alveoli (also known as air sacs). People report having difficulty in breathing since the alveoli are filled with pus or fluid.


Recent research revealed that dental plaque could cause pneumonia

It was found in a recent study that dental plaques can become a home for bacteria which adds to the development of pneumonia. Respondents’ oral hygiene were taken into consideration, and there were bacteria found which are known as respiratory microbes. Thus, there is a significant connection between oral bacteria and pneumonia.


Bacteria can grow in the mouth and travel down the lungs

Dental plaques can harbor bacteria. The bacteria can trigger respiratory infections since they can travel down the lungs from the mouth. With this, poor oral health can be associated as one of the causes of pneumonia.


Regular dental appointments can decrease the risk of having pneumonia

The recent study suggested that visiting your dentist regularly can help decrease the risk of having pneumonia since dental cleaning and procedures can get rid of the bacteria that might invade a person’s lungs. Aside from keeping your teeth and gums healthy, having a customary appointment with your dentist has a major impact on the body that can help you avoid acquiring pneumonia.


Overall health is also dependent on oral health care

There are some people that become ill due to infections yearly. There are even some who die due to acquiring such infections. The body contains several microbes like viruses, fungi, and bacteria from the exterior part (skin) to the internal part (mouth, gastrointestinal system, etc.). Bacteria-causing pneumonia can be inhaled into the lungs and cause the start of the disease. This just proves that overall health is also dependent on oral health care.



To ensure overall health, it is important to take into consideration the proper dental hygiene. Thus, regular dental visits can reduce the bacteria in your mouth which might lead to having pneumonia.


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