Your Dentist in Easton discuss What to do when you have a Loose Permanent Tooth

Having loose permanent tooth can be very anxiety-provoking. You only get to think of two things– being able to fix and keep your tooth or having to lose it forever. A loose tooth can be caused by an injury, biting habits, or a gum disease. But whatever the reason is, the picture of yourself with a gap in between your teeth is simply unnerving.

Permanent tooth, once it is lost, does not grow back. So, it is very important to take care of every adult tooth you have. And to prevent yourself from losing any of these, here’s what you can do about your loose tooth:

Visit your dentist

If you have noticed the early signs of a loose tooth, have it checked by your dentist immediately. Most people delay their schedules or avoid dentists due to possible extensive repair. Despite this, it’s better to make repairs first than have it get worse.

Keep it clean

You can try rinsing your tooth off with saliva or water. If you opt to clean all of your teeth, it is advisable to avoid brushing or flossing your loose tooth the way as you normally would.

Stabilize the tooth

Your tooth might come out too wiggly. To keep it rooted to its place, press it down until the crown is in line with the other teeth.

Teeth splint or crown

Teeth splinting pertains to putting plastic or metal braces that bond the loose tooth to other stable teeth. This procedure, however, only has a temporary effect. On the other hand, fusing the crown of both loose and healthy tooth can give longer and more stable results as compared to tooth splinting.

If you just noticed a loose tooth, there is no need to panic. This situation can be well-handled as long as you go to your dentist right away and take his advice to ensure a healthy and long-lasting set of teeth.


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